We Support Companies In Turning Their Initial Visions Into Concrete Products

Technology and Business should not exclude each other! We are smoothly combining the worlds of tech development and business growth, making software development and business strategy as easy as it goes. Consistent development and growth guaranteed!

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We combine business and technology!

Finrocks is your innovation powerhouse for software development, product scaling and business growth. We have identified the common issues when running a tech-oriented business. Most corporations do not have the expertise, resources or capabilities to properly plan, execute and scale innovation projects. With our skillset and expertise, we want to build a bridge between the technology and business world. We help our clients to efficiently overcome innovation blockers such as operational silos and help them to actually realize their innovation project instead of only talking about it.

Common issues

Improper Tech Development

  • Improper quality for technological projects
  • Loosing money due to inaccurate products
  • Bad reputation, which will hardly build up again
  • Declining numbers of clients and trust

Slow Business Growth

  • No focus on expanding the product range
  • No focus on expanding the product reach
  • Improper focus on E-Commerce and expansion
  • Operational silos and self-sufficiency

Let's fix that!

Building Bridges!

Seamlessly combining the worlds of business and technology.


We help you to make confident technology decisions and ensure your IT organization is agile, effective and equipped to cut through the buzz of the latest trends to create enduring and lasting results. We have a dedicated team for mobile and web development to align business objectives with user needs. 


Nowadays business digitalization and transformation is important but can be very difficult, especially when companies are not able to identify the suitable technology resources. We apply leading design thinking approaches and help to remove the gap between business administration and technology development. 

Our Services

Tech Consulting

We help you to avoid costly mistakes in your technology development processes. With Finrocks your IT department will become agile, effective and equipped to cut through the buzz of the latest trends to create enduring and lasting results.

Tech Dev

We have a dedicated team for mobile and web development to align business objectives with user needs. We work with a cross-functional team to implement all aspects of product development in a customer-centered, agile and iterative manner.


We support you to plan, execute and optimize your innovation project. Everything starts with a prototype. We provide grade A quality, combined with the speed of light (almost). We guarantee tobuild high quality prototypes within 6-8 weeks.

Digital Consulting

As innovation and digitization experts, we help our clients to successfully perform digital transformations of processes, departments or entire corporate structures.

Web Dev

Our web and user experience experts will provide you with the resources and experience to build the best possible web development for your business case.

Blockchain Consulting

We support you with bulletproof strategies for executing your blockchain project and set the foundation for a successful project management.

Company Building

With the right tools and the right people at Finrocks, we analyze the trends, generate and validate ideas and build a business case. We assist our new ventures with fundraising, branding, marketing, sales, design, IT and operations.

Corporate Innovation

We identify new disruptive opportunities for growth and expansion and bring a startup mindset into existing organizations what brings a competitive edge in penetrating markets faster

Scaling Ventures

We support the growth of startups by consulting, mentoring and – in some cases – investing. We sometimes even acquire minor stakes in promising startups in exchange for our services and engage with them in long-term partnerships.

We are agile and empower product ownership!

Our team consists of entrepreneurs, innovators and digitization experts. Hence, we bring startup DNA and proven digital transformation methodologies to our clients and act as a reliable partner. We establish digital units and create new, digital business models – fast, radically user-centric and implemented with an entrepreneurial mindset. We enable companies to make holistic use of the opportunities offered by digital transformation.

Finrocks Execution Guarantee


In the initial phase, we help to define business objectives, set the scope of the transformation, formulate hypotheses, conduct research, map pain points and identify key opportunity areas.


This phase entails iterative prototyping with customers, value-impact forecasting, and prioritizing criteria based on their contribution to business value..


We help to conduct rapid iterative mockup testing, prioritize user stories, and develop an MVP version of the end-to-end digital customer journey through sprints and pilot deployment.


We release fast to show the basica capabilities. In the next step we improve on the go and increase the stability and performance. We are constantly identifying ways to become more productive and performance driven.

We staff every project with a cross-functional & dedicated team!

Agile teams need dedicated employees from every part of the business, including operations, product management, and IT. While larger projects can have more team members, every group should abide by two rules. First, everyone must be fully dedicated to the effort. Second, team members must be doing the actual work—they can’t delegate tasks to others. A functional agile team starts with a product owner who can make decisions about scope, timing, and allocation of budget without having to consult a steering group or governance body. In more complex organizations, this role may be filled by two or three individuals, such as a product manager, a business analyst, and a product executive who is responsible for overseeing the project.

The strategic partnership between Finrocks and rpc is an example of how two specialists can create something completely new for the retail environment. Together with Finrocks, we developed and built the robot Pepper, who is stationed at a car showroom and advising customers. The Finrocks team was able to calibrate the robots skills, to fit the customers needs, in just two weeks. In that short amount of time, we wouldn’t have managed to finalize the calibration of Pepper.

Patrick Pfalzgraf

Partner, the retail performance company

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