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With the Finrockers program, we are creating a unique, completely free environment for developers, designers, agencies or any other creative type of worker to grow their network, benefit from our security, but most importantly, participate in valid, hands-on projects. The Finrockers Network is based on verification and skill-checks in order to match you with the perfect project, tailored to your skills and visions.

Working together

We know that every project requires a different set of skills and people. That’s why we want to work with you. Every project will be staffed with the combined power of Finrocks Core Team Members and professional freelance experts who joined the Finrockers Network.

Finrocks Core Team

Finrocks takes care of all business, management and project related tasks.


Depending on their set of skill, Finrockers have the chance to participate in projects.

What is it?


Sign up, become a verified Finrocker and participate in projects, tailored to your skills and visions.


Connect with other Finrockers on a global scale and grow your network with Finrocks.


Benefit from a secure environment. The Finrockers Network is based on verification and skill-checks.

Exclusive and unique

Perfect matching

We will assemble the perfect team for any project and depending on your set of skills and vision, you could be a part of it.

legitimate projects

We guarantee that every projet is legit and was carefuly checked for the security of both, the project and the developer.

completely secure

The Finrockers Network is designed to be a secure environment for developers, designers and agencies. Your vision and details will be secure.


Projects for your skills

Due to the carefully executed pre-hire tests and interviews, we can talk about your set of skills and how to staff you. You can completely focus on the tasks you are skilled for.

Co-working for your vision

You will work closely together with the Finrocks core team. You will not only benefit from the legitimity of the projects, but you can completely ignore any business or management-related tasks.


Most frequent questions and answers

The Finrockers Network is a secure and valid environment, for Freelancers with professional skills, to participate in projects, lead by the Finrocks Core Team.

Every Project will be lead and managed by the Finrocks Core Team. Executing power will be staffed with our Core Team and specific roles will be filled with professional Finrockers.

Everyone is welcome to register with us. Our team will carefully perform several checks and interview, before you are considered a verified member and receive access to potential projects.

Finrocks main focus lays in software for FinTech, Baking, Blockchain and other modern markets. Nevertheless, Finrocks does also work with Projects in the field of insurance, Real-Estate and similar markets.

Yes, Finrocks is completely free to use for members. You will never have to pay anything. If you take part in a project, you will also be paid very fair and transparent. The Finrocker Network is a win-win.

Yes! The referral system will be live once the network is launched. Stay tuned.


Join the family

become a finrocker

You will be contacted by a member of our quality and development team. Once Finrockers has officially launched, you will be one of the first to receive your login credentials, as well as special early bird bonuses.